Usage and Privacy Policies for the Alo Wen Application


1. Introduction and Definitions:

These "Terms" define the access or use of individuals to the applications, websites, content, products, and services provided by Alo Wen company.

By accessing and using the services, you agree to comply with these terms, creating a contractual relationship between you and Alo Wen. If you do not agree to these terms, you are not permitted to access or use the services. These terms specifically replace any previous agreements or arrangements made with you. Alo Wen may terminate these terms or any services related to you immediately or generally cease offering the services or restrict access to them or any part thereof at any time and for any reason, subject to compliance with applicable law.

Alo Wen may modify the terms related to the services from time to time. The modifications take effect when Alo Wen publishes the updated terms on this website or publishes modified policies or additional terms related to the provided service. Your continued access to or use of the services after such publication constitutes your agreement to comply with the modified terms.


Definitions and Terms:

Alo Wen Company (referred to as "the Company"): A registered company under commercial registration number 4062, dated 1999/06/02.

Alo Wen Application: An electronic application that connects passengers who wish to use the services available on the application with providers of transportation and delivery services contracted with the company. The application operates on iOS and Android devices, and the company works on updating it to ensure its continuous operation.

Passengers: Individuals who request or receive transportation services, including individuals for whom transportation is requested by others. They may also be referred to as "users."

Drivers: Individuals who submit contracting applications to the company to provide transportation or delivery services or other products and services available on the application. They may also be referred to as "users."

Account: The user's profile, which is created to access the services, requires accurate user information, whether as a "passenger" or a "driver." The company retains this data, along with other usage records, to facilitate and expedite access to the services.


2. Document Scope:

This document applies to users of Alo Wen application services (referred to as "the application"), and it outlines how Alo Wen company collects and uses information. This notice applies to all users of the application, including both passengers and drivers. This document specifically applies to the following:

This document also governs the collection of other personal data by the company, related to the services available on the application.

All individuals addressed by this notice are referred to as "users."


3. Services:

The services constitute a technological platform that enables users of Alo Wen application and websites, as part of the services (referred to as "the application"), to arrange and schedule transportation services with drivers who are independent third-party providers of these services under an agreement with Alo Wen. The services are provided for your personal non-commercial use only, unless otherwise agreed upon in a separate written agreement with Alo Wen. You acknowledge that Alo Wen does not provide transportation services as a transportation company, and all transportation services are provided by independent contractors, "drivers," who do not work for Alo Wen.


4. License:

Subject to your compliance with these terms, Alo Wen grants you a limited, non-exclusive, non-transferable, and revocable license for:

- Accessing and using the applications on your personal device regarding your use of the services only.

- Accessing and using any content, information, and related materials that may be provided through the services.

In all cases, such use is personal and non-commercial. Alo Wen reserves all rights not expressly granted in these terms.


Note: The provided translation is an approximation and may not be a perfect representation of the original Arabic text.


5. Restrictions:

You are not allowed to do the following:

• Remove any copyright, trademark, or other proprietary notices from any part of the services.

• Reproduce, modify, create derivative works from, distribute, license, lease, sell, resell, transfer, publicly display, publicly perform, broadcast, disseminate, publish, or exploit the services in any other way, except as explicitly permitted by Alo Wen.

• Manipulate, reverse engineer, or dismantle its codes, except as permitted by applicable laws.

• Create a link to any part of the services or frame them.

• Create or cause to create any software or scripts with the purpose of removing, indexing, erasing, or otherwise exploiting any part of the services or its data, or burdening or obstructing the operation and/or function of any aspect of the services in an improper manner.

• Attempt unauthorized access to the services or damage any of its aspects, systems, or related networks.


6. Use of Services:

To use most aspects of the services, you must register for an active personal account for user services and maintain it ("Account"). You must be at least 18 years old or of legal adult age in your jurisdiction (if different from 18 years old) to obtain an account. Registering an account requires providing certain personal information to Alo Wen, such as your name, address, mobile phone number, and age. You agree to provide accurate, complete, and up-to-date information in your account and to maintain it. Failure to maintain accurate, complete, and up-to-date information in your account may result in your inability to access or use the services or Alo Wen terminating these terms with you. You are responsible for all activities conducted under your account, and you agree to keep your username and password secure and confidential at all times. You may not own more than one account unless expressly permitted by Alo Wen in writing. The service is not available for use by individuals under 18 years old. You may not authorize others to use your account, and you may not allow individuals under 18 years old to obtain transportation services unless accompanied by you. You may not assign or transfer your account or its ownership to any other person or entity. You agree to comply with all applicable laws when using the services and may only use them for lawful purposes (e.g., transporting prohibited materials or engaging in prohibited activities), and you may not, in using the services, cause harm, annoyance, harassment, or property damage, either to the drivers or any other parties. In some cases, you may be required to provide identification to access or use the services, and you agree that failure to provide identification may result in denial of access to or use of the services.


You expressly agree not to provide any defamatory, false, hateful, violent, obscene, illegal, or otherwise inappropriate user content as determined by Alo Wen in its absolute discretion, regardless of whether such content is protected by law or not. Alo Wen may review, monitor, or remove user content at its absolute discretion at any time and without notice, and it is not obligated to do so.


You are responsible for obtaining the necessary data for accessing the network to use the services. Data and messaging rates imposed by your mobile network, if you access or use the services from a wireless device, may apply, and you are responsible for these rates and fees. You are responsible for owning and updating the equipment or devices necessary to access, use, and update the services and any associated applications. Alo Wen does not guarantee that the services, or any part thereof, will work on any particular equipment or device. Additionally, the services may experience malfunctions and delays inherent in internet and electronic communications.


7. Payment:

You understand that using the services may result in fees charged to you for the services obtained from drivers, and upon receiving the services, you expressly agree under these terms and conditions that Alo Wen or the driver is entitled to collect these fees. Payments may be made directly to the driver or to Alo Wen through other available payment methods. The fees will include applicable taxes as required by law. Unless stated otherwise by Alo Wen, all fees paid are final and non-refundable. All fees are due immediately.

As agreed between you and Alo Wen, and without prejudice to applicable laws and regulations, Alo Wen reserves the right to establish, cancel, and/or revise the fees for any or all services or goods obtained or received through the use of the services at any time, at the absolute discretion of Alo Wen. Furthermore, you acknowledge and agree that fees may significantly increase in certain geographical areas during times of high demand and under special conditions that affect the provision of services. Alo Wen may, from time to time, provide certain users with offers and promotional discounts that may result in different amounts being paid for the same services or goods or for obtaining similar services and goods while using the services, and you agree that these offers and promotional discounts shall have no relation to your use of the services or the fees charged to you.

You may choose to cancel your request for services provided by a driver within two minutes of confirming the booking, as you may be charged a cancellation fee upon arrival.

You expressly agree under these terms and conditions that you will be responsible for the cost of repairing damages (or necessary cleaning) to the driver's vehicles and properties arising from the use of services specified in your account that exceed damages resulting from "normal wear and tear" and necessary cleaning ("repair or cleaning").


8. Disclaimer:

The services are provided "as is" and "as available." In addition, Alo Wen does not make any representations, warranties, or guarantees regarding the reliability, accuracy of timing, quality, suitability, or availability of the services or any of them during the use of these services or regarding the uninterrupted or error-free provision of the services. Alo Wen does not guarantee the quality, suitability, safety, or ability of the drivers. You agree that all risks arising from your use of the requested services in relation to this use remain solely with you to the maximum extent permitted by applicable law. Alo Wen shall not be liable for any indirect, incidental, special, consequential, punitive, or exemplary damages or any subsequent damages related or arising in any way from your use of the services, including loss of profits, loss of data, personal injury, or property damage. Alo Wen shall not be liable for any damages, liabilities, or losses arising from:

• Your use, reliance on, or inability to access or use the services.

• Any business transactions or relationships between you and any driver, even if Alo Wen has been informed of the possibility of such damages.

Alo Wen shall not be responsible for delays or performance failures resulting from causes beyond Alo Wen's reasonable control. You acknowledge that drivers providing these requested services may offer ride-sharing or peer-to-peer transportation services and may not be licensed or permitted professionals.


9. Data Collection and Usage Policies:

A. Data We Collect:

The company collects the following data:

1. Data Provided by Users to the Company, such as information entered when creating an account.

2. Data Generated during the use of our services, such as location data, app usage data, and device data. The company collects the following data:

   a. Data Provided by Users, including:

      - User profile: We collect data when users create or update their accounts, including username, email address, phone number, address, and profile picture.

      - Background checks and identity verification: Sometimes we may request drivers to undergo background checks and verify their identities by providing appropriate documents.

      - User-generated content: We collect information that users provide when communicating with customer support, submitting feedback or positive reviews, or any other form of user input, including comments, photos, or other user-submitted recordings.

   b. Data Generated during the Use of Our Services, including:

      - Location data: We collect approximate or precise location data from users' mobile devices if permitted by the user. For drivers, the company collects this data when the app is running in the foreground of their mobile device (when the app is open and visible on the screen). For passengers, the company collects this data when the app is running on their mobile device. Passengers can use the app without granting the company permission to collect location data from their mobile devices. However, this may impact some features available in the app. For example, users who do not allow the app to collect location data must manually enter their address.

      - Transaction-related information: We collect transaction-related information, including the type of services requested or provided, order details, delivery information, service date and time, amount charged, distance traveled, and payment method. Additionally, if someone uses your referral code.

      - Usage data: We collect data on how users interact with our services, including usage dates and times.

      - Communication data: We allow users to communicate with other users and the company through the mobile app. For example, we allow drivers and passengers to access mobile phone numbers to make necessary calls in case of emergencies.


B. Data Usage:

How the company uses the data:

The company collects and uses the data to provide transportation, delivery, and other related services and products efficiently and securely. We use the data we collect for the following purposes:

- Enhancing user safety and the security of our services.

- Providing customer support.

- Facilitating communication between users.

- Sending marketing and non-marketing communications to users.

- In relation to legal proceedings.

- The company does not directly share users' personal data (phone number or email address) with external parties for marketing purposes without users' consent.


10. Safety and Security:

We use personal data to help maintain the safety and security of our services and users. This includes:

- Verifying passengers by checking their registered mobile number through a text message sent to their mobile provider.

- For drivers, conducting identity verification, vehicle information checks, and periodic criminal background checks to prevent the use of our services by dangerous drivers and/or passengers.

- Using information derived from driver's license photos and other submitted images for safety and security purposes in some areas.

- Utilizing user ratings and feedback to encourage compliance with company guidelines and as justification for deactivating driver accounts with ratings below the permitted threshold in company policies.


11. Customer Support:

The company utilizes the information we collect, including call recordings, to provide customer support, including:

- Directing inquiries to the appropriate customer support representative.

- Investigating and resolving user issues.

- Monitoring and improving customer support team responses and processes.

- Facilitating communication between users. For example, allowing drivers to contact or send text messages to passengers to confirm meeting locations, and allowing passengers to contact drivers as well.

- Marketing: The company may use the data we collect to market our services to our users. This includes marketing about the company's services, features, promotional offers, prize draws, ongoing studies, surveys, news, updates, and events on user-specific communication channels.

- Non-marketing communications: The company may use the data we collect to generate and provide receipts to users, inform them about changes to our terms, services, or policies, or send other non-marketing messages related to the company's services or products.

- Legal proceedings and requirements: We may use the personal data (phone number and email address) we collect to investigate and resolve claims or disputes related to the use of our services, comply with applicable laws, or respond to requests from regulatory authorities, government agencies, or official inquiries.

The company may share the mentioned personal user data if we believe it is required by law, current legal proceedings, governmental requests, or if disclosure is appropriate due to safety matters or similar concerns. This may include sharing personal data with law enforcement officials to protect the rights, properties, safety, or security of the company, its users, or others, or in case of a claim or dispute related to the use of our services.

The company may share personal user data other than what is mentioned in this document if we notify the user and obtain their consent.


12. User Rights and Responsibilities:

- Users have the right to rate the services received from drivers.

- Users have the right to cancel bookings within the time frame specified by the company, usually within two minutes of confirming the reservation.

- Users are responsible for paying the fare displayed on the app at the end of the trip, deducting any applicable discounts provided by the company.

- The company has the right to ban users who misuse the service, such as littering inside the driver's vehicle, and may impose additional compensations and fees.

- The company has the right to cancel a booking if the number of passengers exceeds the legal limit.


13. Data Retention and Deletion:

The company retains user profile data, transaction data, and other personal data as long as the user maintains their account with the company.

The company may retain certain user data even after receiving a request for account deletion, such as data related to legal compliance if necessary.

The company retains user profile data, transaction data, and other data as long as the user maintains their account with the company.


14. Updates to this Document:

We may update this document periodically. Continued use of our services after an update constitutes acceptance of the updated notice.

By granting your consent to Alo Wen, you agree to enable them to assign or transfer ownership of these terms, whether in whole or in part, including to:

- Any subsidiary or affiliate.

- Any acquirer of the company's shares, business, or assets.

- The company that succeeds it in the event of a merger.